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Guideline Value Chennai

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  • (Guideline values) These planning elements are standards for predicted or envisaged development in a planning area. They are primarily concerned with the development of population, employment, housing construction, settlement areas, industrial land, and infrastructural endowment.
  • The maximum recommended amount of pesticide residue in a particular environment that ensures acceptable air, water or food quality and does not constitute a significant risk to the user.
  • (Guideline values) Water quality values reflecting germ concentrations below which water can be considered compliant.  Above that level, the water can be classified as average-quality, or even non-compliant.


  • A seaport on the eastern coast of India, capital of Tamil Nadu; pop. 4,298,600
  • Chennai (Tamil), formerly known as Madras (Tamil: AKA), is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the fifth most populous city in India.
  • a city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal; formerly Madras
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guideline value chennai



(Sep 23, 2009, Österreich, Faux News) – A group of Western
playwrights including some intellectuals put forward guidelines
that can forever change the way modern warfare is conducted in

In an open letter for global and national TV networks and for
newspapers too, the group proposed that a country should be
qualified as war aggressor based on the country’s hidden
genocidal intentions to destroy other countries, no matter how
deep these plans are masked behind misleading peaceful
rhetoric from the aggressor.

We should no more be concerned about misleading facts
such as who starts firing first, the group proposed.

The US-led international military community was reportedly
studying the proposals Wednesday. A highly-placed officer
in the allied central command called the proposals “interesting
and potentially productive”.

“Everyone liked the good-will and transparent manner in which
the new guidelines were proposed”, he said in an interview
with Faux News. “It helps us to strengthen ourselves around
human values we need to endorse everywhere in the world”,
he said.

The guidelines’ most prominent author, Otto von Habsburg,
was not available for comments in Österreich on Wednesday,
Faux News Österreich correspondent reports.

Von Habsburg is descendant to Great Kaisers of the various
European empires including Österreich, with a lineage dating
back to the charismatic tribal leaders of Teutonic raids of
pre-Christian and Christian era.

Otto’s charisma rivaled and continues to rival that of Adolf Hitler,
who developed a barely hidden envy of von Habsburg.

The von Habsburg group requested that the new guidelines
be better used on Russia, following its last-year conflict with
the republic of Georgia.

The conflict broke out when Georgian president Michael
Sakaschivli ordered artillery attack on Tskinval, the capital
of South Ossetia, region with a mixed Ossetin-Russian
population seeking independence from Georgia.

Sakaschvili’s army was subsequently driven out of South
Ossetia back into Georgia by Russian troops. Russians were
widely awaited to kill burn loot and rape the entire Georgia,
but did not live up to the expectations, sending a wave of
anguish and disappointment across the entire free world.

Russians were assisted by Chechens, who were previously
known as romantic freedom-fighters but changed over to
Russians, worsening the international outcry of anger at
the increasingly assertive Russia.


I wanted to make something…somewhat scientific. It’s supposed to be similar to a slide, or about magnification. It’s part of the series along with function and value. So in that order, Base, Function Value.

It was made as a motivator, or a progression. Base being the first, gives you a guideline for where the three paintings are going.